Josie Yankovich

Josie joined our ranks in January of 2014 and quickly made herself at home. She started out as a Veterinary Assistant and her detail-oriented personality allowed her branch out into Surgical Assistant, where she thrives. Josie loves everything that has to do with keeping this place organized, clean and well-stocked. She is not a “sit-around” type of person and she never has to be asked to pitch-in. Her interest in learning and expanding her abilities has led to her tackling the demands of Patient Care Coordinator at the reception desk as well. Despite being very much a “Type A”, her genuine warmth and big heart have made her well-liked by the staff and have allowed her to offer comfort to clients and pets in difficult times. Josie hopes to continue to grow in experience and confidence during here time with us and is training for Veterinary Technician. We have little doubt that she will succeed with whatever she puts her mind to and are looking forward to helping her reach her future goals. Outside of work, Josie is a movie buff and tv enthusiast, tempered by a love for the outdoors. She enjoys spending time with her boyfriend and her cats, Loki and Oliver. When time permits, Josie indulges in art, painting, knitting and anything that has to do with Pinterest. Long-term dreams include getting married, moving out West and starting a family.