Karli Cimino

Karli began her career in veterinary medicine right here back in 2012. She came in with no experience, but through hardwork and diligence, she trained up from Patient Care Coordinator and Veterinary Assistant to Exam Room Tech and now, Surgery Tech.  Karli left us briefly to gain some valuable experience in Veterinary ER medicine and to have her 2 great kids.  Now that her son and daughter are in pre-school/kindergarten, she has returned to Back Mountain Vet to continue expanding her skills.  She returned to day practice instead of ER medicine because Karli enjoys seeing pet patients through all stages of their lives.  There is something truly fulfilling in caring for patients at their very first puppy/kitten vaccines,  keeping them active and healthy through adulthood and ensuring they get to keep enjoying their best lives well into their senior years.  A big part of making sure pets get the care they deserve is through client education. Karli is a big advocate for educating clients on dietary requirements, the importance of preventatives, pet insurance and routine wellness exams. Karli has a profound respect for on-the-job learning and is looking forward to learning more advanced techniques as a veterinary technician. She also hopes to be able to pass on the knowledge has has gained over these last 10 years to help the next generation of vet techs succeed.  When not working, Karli spends her time doing art projects with her kids, going on weekend get-aways, and decoratiing her home for the holidays and change of seasons.