Rachael Macking

Rachael entered the BMVH family in September of 2006, after getting her Associates Degree in Veterinary Medicine and completing an internship at Dunmore. The clients have come to rely on Rachael and her co-workers look to her for guidance and leadership. Rachael is an excellent technician, with a keen interest in anesthesia, phlebotomy, and ultrasound. She is certified to perform Therapeutic Laser Treatments. She is excited by the constant advancements in Veterinary Medicine and loves the challenge of always learning something new. Rachael has become a certified Ultrasonographer in human medicine and hopes to be able to extend that training into Veterinary Medicine in the future. She loves to cook, especially family recipes, but would really like to learn how to not burn cookies. Rachael is a fitness fanatic and when she is not working out, she can be found hiking or swimming with her Alaskan Malamutes, Boozer and Chilly Martini. Rachael also gets plenty of exercise dancing for Joan Harris. Despite popular belief, Rachael can in fact sit still – so long as she’s sitting on a beach!