Ria Stefano

Ria joined our Veterinary Hospital in November of 2022 after returning to PA from Texas.  She had started her training to become a Certified Veterinary Technician back in 2018, at Johnson College before moving to Texas to gain further experience in Veterinary Medicine. Now that she has returned to PA, she hopes to enroll in the Penn Foster Technician Program to complete her certification training. Ria finds it very rewarding to assist in bringing sick animals back to health and really enjoys watching patients grow from puppy/kittenhood in happy, healthy adults. Her favorite part of the job though is phlebotomy and diagnostics. She hopes, after finishing school, to specialize in Cardiology or Diagnostics.  For now, Ria is focused on raising her beautiful little daughter and her German Shepherd/Husky, Benelli.  She relaxes by going for hikes or spontaneous trips.