Shannon Callahan

Shannon was welcomed aboard in August of 2016, but quickly made herself a dependable and valued member of our team. She is currently a student in the Penn Foster program to get her Associates Degree in Veterinary Technology. She has a special love for neonatal kitten care and physical therapy for pets. Although she enjoys working in appointments, the challenge of assisting in surgery really calls to her. Shannon finds working with exotics equally rewarding because she loves learning something new everyday. Shannon finds the camaraderie among the crew here at Back Mountain really awesome and ranks it among her top reasons for loving her job. She can’t wait to finish her degree and become a licensed Vet Tech. She hopes to pursue extra certifications in the veterinary field and would like to combine her training and her love for neonatal kitten care by opening or working at a kitten nursery. She would also like a chance to work on an animal reserve in Africa. When not working or furthering her education, Shannon has a wide range of interests and hobbies, including crochet, painting, and restoration. She’s an avid reader across a genre but especially criminal psychology. Shannon enjoys spending time with her mom and her 5 cats, Calliope, Thor, Loki, Sweet Pea, and Percival.<?p>