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Senior pets have special needs and deserve special attention. Maybe you’ve noticed that your older companion is slowing down or drinking more water. Perhaps they have gained/lost weight without any changes in their diet. Too often these days, families are so busy that it’s hard enough just to keep up with the vaccines and annual exams. At Back Mountain, we recognize that we need to be proactive on behalf of senior pets. That’s why we offer the Senior Wellness Profile, a discounted diagnostic test package to screen for many of the medical conditions common to seniors, such as hyper/hypothyroidism, liver or kidney disease, and diabetes. We also offer comprehensive treatment plans for arthritic pets, including Adequan injections and Cold Laser Therapy, in addition to a wide range of joint supplements and pain relievers. Call us today to schedule a consultation for your Senior Pet!

Medical Therapeutic Options For the Treatment of Arthritis in Dogs and Cats:

As our pets age, they may develop stiff joints or may be unable to stand up or walk as easily as in the past. Dogs and cats are afflicted with arthritis, similar to how the condition affects humans, and there are many different medical therapies that can be used to provide relief of the inflammation and pain associated with arthritis.

Over time, pain may progress from mild in nature (walking more slowing than normal or decrease in exercise tolerance) to more moderate (difficulty standing/sitting down, stiff gait, inability to go up and down stairs, inability to jump, etc) or severe (inability to stand up, inability to walk)

Therapeutic Options:

1) NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents)

  • Oral or injectable medications used for the relief of pain and
  • Long-term/chronic use can have adverse effects on the liver and kidneys
  • We perform bloodwork (chemistry panel) prior to initiating NSAID
    therapy in our patients and recommend recheck bloodwork be performed
    every 3-6 months
  • Available oral options for dogs: Novox® (Carprofen), Deramaxx®
    (Deracoxib), Metacam® (Meloxicam)
  • Available injectable options for dogs: Rimadyl® (Carprofen), Metacam®
  • 2) Synthetic Opioids

  • Oral medication used for the relief of pain in dogs and cats
  • Usually well tolerated, with sedation as the most likely side effect
  • Can be used in combination with NSAIDs for management of chronic pain
  • Available oral options for dogs and cats: Tramadol (tablets or liquid
  • 3) Joint Supplementation – oral

  • Nutritional supplements that can be used as adjunctive therapy for
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin work to slow the degradation of joint tissue
  • Hyaluronic Acid (HA) provides a cushioning effect in the joints,
    decreases the influx of cellular material, and provides lubrication
  • Available options for dogs: Cosequin® (chewable tablets), Dasuquin®
    (chewable tablets), HA Joint Tablets
  • Available options for cats: Cosequin® (capsules), OsteO-3® Joint & Hip
  • 4) Joint Supplementation – injectable

  • Chondroprotectant medication that inhibits enzymes responsible for
    breaking down joint tissue material, reduces inflammation, & increases
    the production of components found in normal joint fluid
  • Available options for dogs and cats: Pentosan®
  • 5) Cold Laser Therapy

  • Non-invasive therapy that is a revolutionary way to address arthritic
    pain in our patients
  • Additional option available for long-term pain management
  • Can be very useful for long-term management of pain but WITHOUT
    long-term side effects of the NSAIDs and we may be able to adjust or even
    decrease concurrent pain medications in patients who receive and respond
    well to laser therapy
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