Ultrasound & Echos

Abdominal Ultrasounds and Echocardiograms can be scheduled here by your referring veterinarian or you can schedule directly. Appointments can most often be scheduled within 24 hours, Monday through Friday.

You will need to bring the following with you at your scheduled appointment time:

  • All relevant bloodwork your pet has had performed.
  • Any exam notes or medical records from your veterinarian.
  • A list of any medications your pet is/has taken for his/her condition.
  • Radiographs (x-rays) from your veterinarian whether films or on disk.

7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Ultrasound for Your Pet

1. Diagnose a wide range of medical conditions & often hidden diseases

Ultrasound is a powerful diagnostic tool for both benign and malignant diseases and medical conditions including: Stones within the urinary bladder, kidneys or gallbladder. Abnormalities of organs such as the prostate, kidneys, bladder or spleen, Enlarged lymph nodes, Abnormal blood vessels, Fluid in the abdomen, Disease of the pancreas, Adrenal abnormalities (Cushings/Addisons), Pyometra, Tumors behind the eyeball, Confirmation of pregnancy and fetal viability

3. Have more successful treatment outcomes

Naturally, the sooner a problem is diagnosed, the quicker we can implement the proper treatment plan. Ultrasound is a unique diagnostic tool because it not only allows for early detection, but also gives you an opportunity to do future scans for comparison purposes to track a condition’s progression or mark your pet’s response to treatment.

5. Non-invasive, painless Advanced Diagnostics

You may have already put your pet though many traditional diagnostic procedures and may be nervous about more testing. Now we can offer you the peace of mind that comes from Advanced Diagnostics through Ultrasound. Sound wave technology is thorough, while remaining painless and virtually risk-free. Ultrasound can diagnose a problem buried deep within tissue or organs, without invasive surgery.

2. Diagnose problems earlier

With ultrasound, internal abnormalities that otherwise could not be captured by standard means, such as x-rays, can often be clearly visualized. This would allow you and your veterinarian an opportunity to discover abnormalities such as nodules, masses, cysts and abscesses that would normally remain unknown and therefore untreated in your pet.

4. Receive consultations from board-certified specialists

Gain access to the invaluable resource of a board-certified Internal Medicine Specialist or Cardiologist. Ultrasound images, together with your pet’s lab results, cytology, and radiographs are sent via the Internet to be reviewed by some of the best specialists across the country. They will provide you with a complete written consultation on your case, and offer their diagnosis with the most viable treatment options.

6. Quick turn-around time

All aspects of Ultrasound are quick. First, whether for internal medicine or cardiology, the scan and capture of ultrasound images averages only 30 to 45 minutes. Clients will often be able to have an immediate verbal overview of the scan. Second, the written consultation from the specialist normally arrives within 24 hours and will be faxed to their veterinarian for review. (Weekends may require 48 hours.)

7. Enable your family to make more informed decisions

Families are often torn over decisions about when to pursue treatment in an older, sick pet and when such pursuit is not likely to add to a pet’s quality of life. You and your family can gain comfort from both the knowledge of consulting a specialist, and from often being able to see the problem for yourselves on film. Together, you and your veterinarian can then make fully informed decisions about how to proceed in a manner consistent with the pet’s best interests.