Ashli Quick

With the last name of Quick, you better believe Ashli has made great strides since starting her career in Veterinary Medicine here in December 2021.  She is certainly a quick learner and has proven herself to be very capable whether she’s managing an appointment as an Exam Room Tech, assisting in Surgery, or running bloodwork in the lab.  Don’t let her quiet demeanor fool you, Ashli also has a quick wit that often catches the staff off guard and really helps break up the stress of the day with a good laugh.  Ashli enjoys learning new things and taking on new challenges.  She hopes to go back to school to fulfill her dream of becoming a Certified Veterinary Technician. When not hard at work here, she’s hard at work on her family farm. Ashli’s family life has instilled in her a strong love of giving back to the community, which she happily does by teaching agricultural skills to the local 4H Club. Ashli enjoys spending time with friends and family or chilling out with her dog, Mozzie.  She has been a great addition to Back Mountain Vet and we are happy to have her as part of our crazy family.