Dr. Amy Morris

Dr. Amy Morris became a part of the Back Mountain family in April of 2017. After completing her undergrad studies at the Bryn Mawr College, and completing an internship at the Cincinnati Zoo, she went on to study at Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Morris did a 2-week externship at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary during vet school, then went straight into medical practice after graduating and obtaining her Veterinary License in 2010. She worked for 3 other Veterinary Hospitals before joining us, where she gained valuable experience in small animal and exotic pet medicine. Her work as a solo practitioner really helped to give her confidence to think calmly and perform well under pressure. Dr. Morris has been a member of the AVMA since a student in 2006. She has won an award for her Public Health Project, “Paws a Moment — Think Safety!” which uses dogs otherwise at risk of developing behavior issues to find a purpose by helping teach children about safety issues.  This included lessons on safe interactions with dogs and bite prevention. She is a Category II USDA Certified Veterinarian. Dr. Morris has a special interest Integrative Medicine, including certification as a Level II practitioner of Healing Touch for Animals. Client education is very important to Dr. Morris to optimize pet wellness and to prevent the spread of disease.  She is an advocate for Positive Behavior and encourages pet owners to bring nervous pets in for simple “happy visits” to alleviate anxiety and stress for both the pet and pet parents about vet appointments. Dr. Morris also worked in a neurology research lab before attending vet school, which really sparked her love for all things Neurology related!  She is very happy to be a part of the BMVH team and enjoys helping us grow, espeically in the field of medicinal and surgical care for Exotics. She is even the driving force behind the hospital’s strive to get the RHDV2 vaccine to protect rabbits from this terrible disease. When not hard at work, she also enjoys hiking with her dog, Elijah and spending time enriching the lives of her cats, Black Jack, MeLaan and Crowley.   She is excited to have a work schedule that will allow her to spend quality time with her Fiance, Chris, and to indulge in some baking for family and friends.  The staff get treated to personal containers of her cookies every year!