Joy Mueller

Joy is the equivalent of the family matriarch, having been a part of the Back Mountain Veterinary Hospital over 15 years. She started as a Veterinary Assistant and often pitched in as a Receptionist/Patient Coordinator when needed. Joy worked her way up to Surgical Technician, then after several years of teching, she took over as Hospital Administrator. Although she misses the hands-on care of the patients, she finds working behind the scenes to keep the hospital running at peak performance just as rewarding. Luckily, she gets to keep her Tech skills sharp by pitching in when we are short-handed and by being the “go-to” person when there is a difficult blood draw or catheter placement. Clients let her know how much she is missed, but they appreciate having someone whom they have come to know and trust always available if they have a question or concern. The staff likes knowing Joy understands the demands of their job and is always ready to lend a hand on busy days. What Joy likes best about working here is being a part of the constant growth and advancements Dr. Phillips strives for to ensure that his hospital always provides the best possible care.