Kelly Joy Hack

Kelly is a great Veterinary Exam Room Technician. She is well liked by both clients and coworkers because she is so dedicated to doing her job to the best of her ability each and every day.  Kelly has completed internships at both the Quakertown Veterinary Clinic and Thoreau Veterinary Hospital.  She has graduated from Northampton Community College in collaboration with Lehigh Carbon Community College’s Veterinary Technician Program. She is looking forward to passing her Boards to become a Certified Veterinary Technician. In the meantime, she’s putting the skills she has learned to good use. Kelly likes providing care to pets after surgery, administering fluid therapy, drawing blood and running the laboratory diagnostics.  She loves being part of all the various components of care and treatment to help pets heal after surgery or recover from illness.  She also has a keen interest in Sonography and Exotics. Kelly is a real go-getter and is always making sure the doctors and her coworkers have all the help they need. She has taken on learning the detailed maintenance of the lab machines and can be counted on to do the phone outreach to service departments if a machine fails to run as required.  Kelly is rarely found with idle hands, always ensuring even the smallest details of the job are accomplished before heading home. Once finally home from work, Kelly shakes off the daily stress of the veterinary field by endulging in her passion for crafting.  When she wants more physical activity, Kelly enjoys both bowling and rollerskating.   Afterwards, she gets to chill out with her cat, Bella, and her two rats, Pickles and Squirt.