Micaela Herman

Micaela is a wonderful Exam Room Vet Tech.  Clients really appreciate her patience and willingness to go the extra mile when it comes to client education or explaining various components of Treatment Plans. Micaela really enjoys assisting in surgery, especially the more complex, non-routine surgeries and she is undergoing hands-on training to become a Surgery Tech.  She  is also currently taking classes to get her Veterinary Technician Certification through St. Petersburg College.  She is very much looking forward to graduating from Tech School and becoming a Licensed Technician. When Micaela is not hard at work or deep into her schooling, she has a broad range of interests and hobbies to keep her busy.  Her dog, Dixie, is her primary focus, but Micaela also enjoys writing, playing bagpipes, hiking, skiing, and baking. She loves spending time outdoors, especially when it’s the season for attending Renaissance Fairs.  If that’s not enough diverse interests for you, her membership in the Air Force Auxiliary has helped foster her love of travel (especially Europe, so far) and she was the Luzerne County Fair Queen in 2021. Faith and Family mean everything to Micaela. She is hoping the support of both will lead her to a very exciting career in Veterinary Medicine!