Tori Reno

Tori Reno started her veterinary career with Back Mountain Vet in October 2016 as a Veterinary Assistant. Through the years, Tori has advanced into the roles of Patient Care Coordinator, Exam Room Technician and finally, Surgery Technician.  She has taken on each new position with a determination to excel in the skill sets each position requires.  Tori left briefly at the end of 2021 to put her Technician skills to the ultimate test by working under the extreme pressure of Emergency Medicine.   Tori rose to the challenge and her time in ER medicine really allowed her to hone her skills and boost her self-confidence.  Now that she has returned to her roots, Tori thoroughly enjoys being able to help others follow in her footsteps and grow in their veterinary career. Having been exposed to so much stress during her Critical Care experience, Tori is passionate about helping clients avoid such issues with their own pets by providing excellent client education.  Although she loves all aspects of her job, Tori has a keen interest in Anesthesia and Surgery. She is currently enrolled in Certified Veterinary Technician classes to take her career to the next level. When not pursuing her passion, Tori relaxes with pottery and painting. If she is looking to burn off the stress of the job, she hikes, takes day trips, or dance/exercise classes. Tori balances the Western Medicine of her job with Eastern Medicine in her personal life. She is Reiki Certified and is studying the healing properties of crystals and herbs.  She loves and is loved by her cats, Winifred, Salem and Nya, as well as her toy poodle, Lola.