Tristin Michalowski

Tristin just started with us in November of 2022, but her career in Veterinary Medicine actually began back in 2015 at Schultzville Animal Hospital. Tristin entered this profession as a Veterinary Assistant, but her skills have grown considerably over these last few years working with different Veterinary Hospitals.  She has advanced into a well-trained Veterinary Technician.  She already has her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Misericordia University and is hoping to complete her Master’s Degree. Tristin also hopes to take her State Board Exam to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician. Tristin’s favorite parts of the job include Phlebotomy and Anesthesia, but caring for the Exotic patients is near and dear to her heart.  Tristin loves exotic pets and even raises tarantulas! When she’s not tending to her 4-legged patients at work, or caring for her 8-legged friends at home, Tristin enjoys painting and drawing. She comes by her love of all animals naturally, as she quite literally lives on a farm and has pets of all various species.