Christina Comstock

Christina came on board with us in November of 2022 as a part-time Patient Care Coordinator. She was recommended as being a good fit with all the personalities here at Back Mountain, by her friend and coworker at her full-time job, Nina Jones.  Her new co-workers here couldn’t agree more. They really enjoy Christina’s dry sense of humor and her enthusiasm for learning the intricacies of her new position, which can be challenging. Christina so far has found that she most enjoys interacting with the clients by phone. She makes it her priority to help alleviate their fears and to reassure them that their furbaby will be in good hands. Christina likes meeting new clients and patients, but is finding it rewarding to watch the progress current clients and patients make as treatment unfolds. When not working hard, Christina likes to relax with her cats, Queenie and Carson, while watching her beloved Eagles or reading a good biography of the Royal Family. She’s quite the crafter as well, enjoying both paper crafts and wreath-making. However, being a Mom is Christina’s greatest joy in life, so she is NEVER too busy for her main priority, her son, Biagio.

Amy Ide

Amy Ide came onboard in September os 2019 as a part-time Veterinary Assistant/Patient Care Coordinator.  As Amy learned the ropes, she quickly found that she has a real knack for being a Patient Care Coordinator. She relates well with the clients and thoroughly enjoys seeing all the pets everyday. As a licensed Cosmetologist, she used to balance her time between those skills and veterinary medicine.  Nowadays, she has worked her way up to full-time as she balances work-life with mom-life.  The staff love when her cutie-pie son, Braxton comes to visit us. As much as she likes being at the front desk, Amy loves learning new things, so she enjoys the days she gets to help out as a Veterinary Assistant. It’s even got her considering taking Tech classes somewhere down the line, perhaps once Braxton starts school. In her free time, Amy enjoys making art and playing with Braxton, but as every toddler mom can relate to, her favorite hobby is napping!

Gail Vandervoort

Gail Vandervoort joined the Back Mountain Veterinary Hospital in 2019 as a Veterinary Technician. She was born and raised in NEPA, but moved to Florida 20 years ago where she started her career in Veterinary Medicine at a Humane Society. Her dedication to being an Animal Advocate took her on quite a journey of personal growth and enrichment. She lead the surgery team and helped open a new hospital for the Human Society. In addition, she has completed Certification in Shelter Medicine from the University of Florida and has attended multiple Animal Medical Conferences through the years. She eventually moved on to managing a Veterinary Emergency Clinic. Gail spent 10 years in Emergency Medicine, while growing her surgical and anesthesia skill with 2 years in Specialty Surgery. Afterwards, an opportunity opened up for Gail to work in her true passion, Animal Neurology/Neurosurgery. Five years later, Gail was at the height of her career as a Neurology manager, when the need to be closer to family lured her back to PA.  That’s how she came to work for BMVH, although she still travels to Florida a few times a year to train technicians to do MRI and Catscan. It’s evident that Gail is a wealth of knowledge and experience.  Now Gail has decided to put all of that to the best possible use by assuming the responsibilities of Hospital Administrator.  If anyone is up for the challenge of taking the Back Mountain Veterinary Hospital into the future, it’s Gail.  Training and Leadership are top priorities for her and she is passionate about fostering those same skills in her team. She will do whatever it takes so that each member can fulfill their potential and continue to grow in this field.   Gail leads by example and by encouraging collaboration.  She is a huge proponent of open communication and resolving conflict through meaningful dialog.  In addition to monthly staff meetings, Gail takes the time to create and send weekly emails to the staff so they can all stay informed and up-to-date with any new resources, policy changes, and schedule adjustments.  The staff has been very receptive to the changes and growth that Gail is instilling in the team and they look forward to the advancements yet to come under her guidance. When the work day is done, Gail gets greeted enthusiastically by her dog Murphy Thomas. She unwinds in the evening by engaging in some arts and crafts or immersing herself in a sewing project.  Shooting pool is another great pass-time for Gail, which she takes advantage of any chance she gets. Truth be told however, Gail’s true love is spoiling her grandchildren, since they are the primary reason she left Florida.  Any time she can spend with them on sleep-overs, movie nights and outings of all varieties is time well spent.

Nancy Graver

Nancy has been a part of this family since May of 2005 as a part-time receptionist/patient coordinator. The clients love Nancy. She makes a point of knowing the clients and their pets by name and keeps up on what’s going on in their lives. She has a way of making everyone feel welcome and right at home. She came to us after retiring from Verizon after 33 years, during which time she won many customer service awards. Nancy has recently moved up to full-time hours. Nancy’s favorite part of this job is the opportunity she gets to interact with all of the great pets and clients we see here at the Back Mountain Veterinary Hospital. Children who come to the appointments with their parents are treated to stickers and lollipops that Nancy always keeps in stock. Nancy is a favorite amongst the staff here as well. She spoils us with homemade cupcakes and surprises us on occasion with great fruit salad and trays of kielbasa and cheese. When she is not making everyone around her feel special, she enjoys antiquing and decorating her home and garden with all of her unique “finds.”

Gina Masters

Gina joined the ranks in October of 2010 as a part-time receptionist/patient coordinator. She quickly moved up to full-time, bringing her “high energy” work style into full gear. Gina is the life of the party, and usually found at the center of things whenever laughter is heard ringing through the halls. However, she takes getting to know the clients and patients very seriously. That drive to provide great customer service has helped her advance into her current role, Patient Care Supervisor, where she oversees the insane details necessary to keep the Front Office running smoothly.  Even after all these years, Gina still strives to learn something new every day and making clients feel at home is always her top priority. Speaking of home, Gina has a son, Logan, with special needs and so has co-founded the L.O.G.A.N. Foundation in his honor – which stands for Little Ones Genetic and Neurological. She also coaches gymnastics and special needs cheerleading, as the owner of Masters Athletic Elite.  She manages all-star gym and tumble teams, as well as being head coach for DHS varsity cheerleading. Family means the world to Gina and she enjoys the time she gets to spend with her husband, son, daughter Cassandra and Vito, the big family Newfie.