Shelby Jenkins

Shelby came onboard at Back Mountain Vet in November of 2022 as a part-time Veterinary Assistant.  She is working part-time right now because she is currently a full-time student in the Johnson College Veterinary Nursing Program, where she is President of the Vet Tech Club.  Shelby is already a certified dog groomer, having earned her degree from the Paragon School of Pet Grooming. As you can see, she is a real go-getter, who hopes to go back to school to earn her Bachelors Degree in Animal Sciences. Shelby is also quite the people-person in addition to being an animal lover, so her favorite part of the job so far has been conversing with new clients and getting to know their pets personally.  When not deep in her studies or hard at work, Shelby enjoys being outdoors on nature hikes with her Pitbull mix, Gemma. Whenever time allows, Shelby loves to travel, but since free time is limited, she splits her time with Gemma and her mini-lop/angora mix bunny, Tiffany.

Mia LaFoca

Mia joined Back Mountain Vet right after Thanksgiving 2022.  She comes with a degree in Pre-Vet Animal Science from Auburn University.  Mia has a great love for all animals, but horses are her true passion. Her keen interest in Equine Sports Medicine enabled her to complete an internship with KESMARC for equine rehab.  Mia enjoys getting to work with the variety of species we see here and is learning a lot about treating a wide range of health conditions every day.  She has discovered that she finds respiratory and infectious disease treatment especially interesting. Mia hopes to take all of the knowledge she gains during her work here with her when she applies to Veterinary School. Her goal is to do a Residency in Equine Sports Medicine. It comes as no surprise then that horseback riding with her Oldenburg, Dottie or her Quarter Horse, Cash is how Mia likes to spend her free time. However, Mia is no “one trick pony,” so she also enjoys baking, cooking, and hanging out with her cat Figaro and her dog, Elle.

Christina Comstock

Christina came on board with us in November of 2022 as a part-time Patient Care Coordinator. She was recommended as being a good fit with all the personalities here at Back Mountain, by her friend and coworker at her full-time job, Nina Jones.  Her new co-workers here couldn’t agree more. They really enjoy Christina’s dry sense of humor and her enthusiasm for learning the intricacies of her new position, which can be challenging. Christina so far has found that she most enjoys interacting with the clients by phone. She makes it her priority to help alleviate their fears and to reassure them that their furbaby will be in good hands. Christina likes meeting new clients and patients, but is finding it rewarding to watch the progress current clients and patients make as treatment unfolds. When not working hard, Christina likes to relax with her cats, Queenie and Carson, while watching her beloved Eagles or reading a good biography of the Royal Family. She’s quite the crafter as well, enjoying both paper crafts and wreath-making. However, being a Mom is Christina’s greatest joy in life, so she is NEVER too busy for her main priority, her son, Biagio.

Tristin Michalowski

Tristin just started with us in November of 2022, but her career in Veterinary Medicine actually began back in 2015 at Schultzville Animal Hospital. Tristin entered this profession as a Veterinary Assistant, but her skills have grown considerably over these last few years working with different Veterinary Hospitals.  She has advanced into a well-trained Veterinary Technician.  She already has her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Misericordia University and is hoping to complete her Master’s Degree. Tristin also hopes to take her State Board Exam to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician. Tristin’s favorite parts of the job include Phlebotomy and Anesthesia, but caring for the Exotic patients is near and dear to her heart.  Tristin loves exotic pets and even raises tarantulas! When she’s not tending to her 4-legged patients at work, or caring for her 8-legged friends at home, Tristin enjoys painting and drawing. She comes by her love of all animals naturally, as she quite literally lives on a farm and has pets of all various species.

Nina Jones

Nina is the equivalent of everyone’s “favorite cousin” in our crazy little family. We don’t get to see her all the time, but when we do, we know it’s going to be a great day! Back in December of 2019, she joined the Back Mountain staff part-time, while still managing her full-time position as an ER Tech at Northeast Veterinary Emergency and Referral Hospital. Nina is the type of person who gives 1000% all the time, no matter what she is doing. She especially loves Phlebotomy!  She is happiest when she gets to hit tricky veins and can place difficulty IV catheters! Nina perfectly balances professionalism with camaraderie, which keeps the day running smoothly for both the clients and her coworkers. Nina has recently stepped away from the insanity of ER medicine to take on a full-time position with more normal hours and a lot less stress. That has given this wonder woman an chance to indulge in some cooking and spending time with friends. Nina regains her sanity and renews her soul by hanging out with her favorite fella, Connor, and the best Boston Terrier in the World, Praise!  

Amy Ide

Amy Ide came onboard in September os 2019 as a part-time Veterinary Assistant/Patient Care Coordinator.  As Amy learned the ropes, she quickly found that she has a real knack for being a Patient Care Coordinator. She relates well with the clients and thoroughly enjoys seeing all the pets everyday. As a licensed Cosmetologist, she used to balance her time between those skills and veterinary medicine.  Nowadays, she has worked her way up to full-time as she balances work-life with mom-life.  The staff love when her cutie-pie son, Braxton comes to visit us. As much as she likes being at the front desk, Amy loves learning new things, so she enjoys the days she gets to help out as a Veterinary Assistant. It’s even got her considering taking Tech classes somewhere down the line, perhaps once Braxton starts school. In her free time, Amy enjoys making art and playing with Braxton, but as every toddler mom can relate to, her favorite hobby is napping!

Ashli Quick

With the last name of Quick, you better believe Ashli has made great strides since starting her career in Veterinary Medicine here in December 2021.  She is certainly a quick learner and has proven herself to be very capable whether she’s managing an appointment as an Exam Room Tech, assisting in Surgery, or running bloodwork in the lab.  Don’t let her quiet demeanor fool you, Ashli also has a quick wit that often catches the staff off guard and really helps break up the stress of the day with a good laugh.  Ashli enjoys learning new things and taking on new challenges.  She hopes to go back to school to fulfill her dream of becoming a Certified Veterinary Technician. When not hard at work here, she’s hard at work on her family farm. Ashli’s family life has instilled in her a strong love of giving back to the community, which she happily does by teaching agricultural skills to the local 4H Club. Ashli enjoys spending time with friends and family or chilling out with her dog, Mozzie.  She has been a great addition to Back Mountain Vet and we are happy to have her as part of our crazy family.

Gail Vandervoort

Gail Vandervoort joined the Back Mountain Veterinary Hospital in 2019 as a Veterinary Technician. She was born and raised in NEPA, but moved to Florida 20 years ago where she started her career in Veterinary Medicine at a Humane Society. Her dedication to being an Animal Advocate took her on quite a journey of personal growth and enrichment. She lead the surgery team and helped open a new hospital for the Human Society. In addition, she has completed Certification in Shelter Medicine from the University of Florida and has attended multiple Animal Medical Conferences through the years. She eventually moved on to managing a Veterinary Emergency Clinic. Gail spent 10 years in Emergency Medicine, while growing her surgical and anesthesia skill with 2 years in Specialty Surgery. Afterwards, an opportunity opened up for Gail to work in her true passion, Animal Neurology/Neurosurgery. Five years later, Gail was at the height of her career as a Neurology manager, when the need to be closer to family lured her back to PA.  That’s how she came to work for BMVH, although she still travels to Florida a few times a year to train technicians to do MRI and Catscan. It’s evident that Gail is a wealth of knowledge and experience.  Now Gail has decided to put all of that to the best possible use by assuming the responsibilities of Hospital Administrator.  If anyone is up for the challenge of taking the Back Mountain Veterinary Hospital into the future, it’s Gail.  Training and Leadership are top priorities for her and she is passionate about fostering those same skills in her team. She will do whatever it takes so that each member can fulfill their potential and continue to grow in this field.   Gail leads by example and by encouraging collaboration.  She is a huge proponent of open communication and resolving conflict through meaningful dialog.  In addition to monthly staff meetings, Gail takes the time to create and send weekly emails to the staff so they can all stay informed and up-to-date with any new resources, policy changes, and schedule adjustments.  The staff has been very receptive to the changes and growth that Gail is instilling in the team and they look forward to the advancements yet to come under her guidance. When the work day is done, Gail gets greeted enthusiastically by her dog Murphy Thomas. She unwinds in the evening by engaging in some arts and crafts or immersing herself in a sewing project.  Shooting pool is another great pass-time for Gail, which she takes advantage of any chance she gets. Truth be told however, Gail’s true love is spoiling her grandchildren, since they are the primary reason she left Florida.  Any time she can spend with them on sleep-overs, movie nights and outings of all varieties is time well spent.

Tori Reno

Tori Reno started her veterinary career with Back Mountain Vet in October 2016 as a Veterinary Assistant. Through the years, Tori has advanced into the roles of Patient Care Coordinator, Exam Room Technician and finally, Surgery Technician.  She has taken on each new position with a determination to excel in the skill sets each position requires.  Tori left briefly at the end of 2021 to put her Technician skills to the ultimate test by working under the extreme pressure of Emergency Medicine.   Tori rose to the challenge and her time in ER medicine really allowed her to hone her skills and boost her self-confidence.  Now that she has returned to her roots, Tori thoroughly enjoys being able to help others follow in her footsteps and grow in their veterinary career. Having been exposed to so much stress during her Critical Care experience, Tori is passionate about helping clients avoid such issues with their own pets by providing excellent client education.  Although she loves all aspects of her job, Tori has a keen interest in Anesthesia and Surgery. She is currently enrolled in Certified Veterinary Technician classes to take her career to the next level. When not pursuing her passion, Tori relaxes with pottery and painting. If she is looking to burn off the stress of the job, she hikes, takes day trips, or dance/exercise classes. Tori balances the Western Medicine of her job with Eastern Medicine in her personal life. She is Reiki Certified and is studying the healing properties of crystals and herbs.  She loves and is loved by her cats, Winifred, Salem and Nya, as well as her toy poodle, Lola.

Kelly Joy Hack

Kelly is a great Veterinary Exam Room Technician. She is well liked by both clients and coworkers because she is so dedicated to doing her job to the best of her ability each and every day.  Kelly has completed internships at both the Quakertown Veterinary Clinic and Thoreau Veterinary Hospital.  She has graduated from Northampton Community College in collaboration with Lehigh Carbon Community College’s Veterinary Technician Program. She is looking forward to passing her Boards to become a Certified Veterinary Technician. In the meantime, she’s putting the skills she has learned to good use. Kelly likes providing care to pets after surgery, administering fluid therapy, drawing blood and running the laboratory diagnostics.  She loves being part of all the various components of care and treatment to help pets heal after surgery or recover from illness.  She also has a keen interest in Sonography and Exotics. Kelly is a real go-getter and is always making sure the doctors and her coworkers have all the help they need. She has taken on learning the detailed maintenance of the lab machines and can be counted on to do the phone outreach to service departments if a machine fails to run as required.  Kelly is rarely found with idle hands, always ensuring even the smallest details of the job are accomplished before heading home. Once finally home from work, Kelly shakes off the daily stress of the veterinary field by endulging in her passion for crafting.  When she wants more physical activity, Kelly enjoys both bowling and rollerskating.   Afterwards, she gets to chill out with her cat, Bella, and her two rats, Pickles and Squirt.  

Micaela Herman

Micaela is a wonderful Exam Room Vet Tech.  Clients really appreciate her patience and willingness to go the extra mile when it comes to client education or explaining various components of Treatment Plans. Micaela really enjoys assisting in surgery, especially the more complex, non-routine surgeries and she is undergoing hands-on training to become a Surgery Tech.  She  is also currently taking classes to get her Veterinary Technician Certification through St. Petersburg College.  She is very much looking forward to graduating from Tech School and becoming a Licensed Technician. When Micaela is not hard at work or deep into her schooling, she has a broad range of interests and hobbies to keep her busy.  Her dog, Dixie, is her primary focus, but Micaela also enjoys writing, playing bagpipes, hiking, skiing, and baking. She loves spending time outdoors, especially when it’s the season for attending Renaissance Fairs.  If that’s not enough diverse interests for you, her membership in the Air Force Auxiliary has helped foster her love of travel (especially Europe, so far) and she was the Luzerne County Fair Queen in 2021. Faith and Family mean everything to Micaela. She is hoping the support of both will lead her to a very exciting career in Veterinary Medicine!

Dr. Kaleigh Flock

Dr. Kaleigh Flock is the most recent addition to the Back Mountain Veterinary Hospital family, just joining us in July of 2022. Dr. Flock earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Animal Science at the University of Connecticut. She earned her Veterinary Degree from the Iowa State University, College of Veterinary Medicine in 2020, after which she completed an externship with the VCA Veterinary Specialists of CT. Dr, Flock had been working for the USDA FSIS before her love for small animals and exotics brought her to us. She is very excited to be a part of a veterinary hospital that provides state of the art care and diagnostics. The mentorship of the other doctors is enabling her to grow her skills and expand her capabilities to provide the best medicine possible to furry, scaly and feathery friends. Dr. Flock is a proud member of the AVMA and the AAV (American Veterinary Medical Association and Association of Avian Veterinarians). She is Fear Free Certified and is looking forward to bringing some of that training into her daily practice. Dr. Flock enjoys providing general wellness care for dogs, cats, and exotics (including birds) but she also has a keen interest in surgery, dentistry, dermatology, cardiology and geriatric medicine. Her personal interests outside of work are just as varied, including mental health and wellness, running, singing and playing music. She was a competitive runner in High School and played clarinet in her college marching band. When the weather cooperates, Dr. Flock loves to hike and kayak with her husband, Luis and their toy poodle, Violet and mini poodle, Churro. Otherwise, she spends her free time visiting with family and friends. Dr. Flock’s original mini poodle Vern is honored in this photo.  

Mia Remplewicz

Mia became a valued member of the BMVH family on April 1st, 2019, which should have been our warning to just how big a practical joker she was going to be!  Like the time she covered brussel sprouts in white chocolate and sprinkles and told the staff they were cake pops! The staff’s reactions were pretty priceless!  Mia’s great sense of humor, even if its at her own expense, really helps all of us get through the stressful and sad times that are unfortunately unavoidable in veterinary medicine.  We don’t ever want to know what its like to be without her wit, her willingness to break into song, or her ability to quote from her favorite tv show, The Office. Equally important, Mia is an excellent technician, with a keen interest in anesthesia and surgery.  She especially enjoys scrubbing in to assist for difficult or complex surgeries.  Mia is excited by the constant advancements in Veterinary Medicine and loves the challenge of always learning something new. She is patient, detail-oriented and very caring, qualities which extend into her love of training new staff ensure their success in Veterinary Medicine. Clients really appreciate the comapssion and empathy she brings to the exam rooms, along with her willingness to answer questions and help educate clients so they can take to best possible care of their fur-babies. Speaking of fur-babies, Mia loves to spend time with her two dogs, Wyatt the Great Dane and Leroy the Silver Lab.  She and her fiance, Joey, love spending time outdoors. They are always up for an adventure, be it 4-wheeling in a mud bog, camping under the stars or simply taking care of their chickens and ducks, oh yeah, and can’t forget the hamster, Norman Bates! We told you she had a great sense of humor!