Ria Stefano

Ria joined our Veterinary Hospital in November of 2022 after returning to PA from Texas.  She had started her training to become a Certified Veterinary Technician back in 2018, at Johnson College before moving to Texas to gain further experience in Veterinary Medicine. Now that she has returned to PA, she hopes to enroll in the Penn Foster Technician Program to complete her certification training. Ria finds it very rewarding to assist in bringing sick animals back to health and really enjoys watching patients grow from puppy/kittenhood in happy, healthy adults. Her favorite part of the job though is phlebotomy and diagnostics. She hopes, after finishing school, to specialize in Cardiology or Diagnostics.  For now, Ria is focused on raising her beautiful little daughter and her German Shepherd/Husky, Benelli.  She relaxes by going for hikes or spontaneous trips.

Kasey Spencer

Kasey joined Back Mountain Vet in October 2022. She came to us from the human side of medicine, having gone through studying for RCA through Allied Technical School.  Kasey is enjoying her training as Veterinary Assistant.  She appreciates the responsibility of proper restraint techniques to keep the pets and her coworkers safe and comfortable.  Kasey is a “hands-on-learner,” so getting to train with multiple staff members is allowing her the opportunity to hone her skills and learn proper techniques.  Kasey hopes to continue to advance in her learning to really become an asset to the veterinary field. When not at work, Kasey loves to get her creative juices flowing by cooking and baking.  However, spending time just hanging out with her kids is her all-time favorite pastime.

Mia Remplewicz

Mia became a valued member of the BMVH family on April 1st, 2019, which should have been our warning to just how big a practical joker she was going to be!  Like the time she covered brussel sprouts in white chocolate and sprinkles and told the staff they were cake pops! The staff’s reactions were pretty priceless!  Mia’s great sense of humor, even if its at her own expense, really helps all of us get through the stressful and sad times that are unfortunately unavoidable in veterinary medicine.  We don’t ever want to know what its like to be without her wit, her willingness to break into song, or her ability to quote from her favorite tv show, The Office. Equally important, Mia is an excellent technician, with a keen interest in anesthesia and surgery.  She especially enjoys scrubbing in to assist for difficult or complex surgeries.  Mia is excited by the constant advancements in Veterinary Medicine and loves the challenge of always learning something new. She is patient, detail-oriented and very caring, qualities which extend into her love of training new staff ensure their success in Veterinary Medicine. Clients really appreciate the comapssion and empathy she brings to the exam rooms, along with her willingness to answer questions and help educate clients so they can take to best possible care of their fur-babies. Speaking of fur-babies, Mia loves to spend time with her two dogs, Wyatt the Great Dane and Leroy the Silver Lab.  She and her fiance, Joey, love spending time outdoors. They are always up for an adventure, be it 4-wheeling in a mud bog, camping under the stars or simply taking care of their chickens and ducks, oh yeah, and can’t forget the hamster, Norman Bates! We told you she had a great sense of humor!

Joy Mueller

Joy is the equivalent of the family matriarch, having been a part of the Back Mountain Veterinary Hospital over 15 years. She started as a Veterinary Assistant and often pitched in as a Receptionist/Patient Coordinator when needed. Joy worked her way up to Surgical Technician, then after several years of teching, she took over as Hospital Administrator. Although she misses the hands-on care of the patients, she finds working behind the scenes to keep the hospital running at peak performance just as rewarding. Luckily, she gets to keep her Tech skills sharp by pitching in when we are short-handed and by being the “go-to” person when there is a difficult blood draw or catheter placement. Clients let her know how much she is missed, but they appreciate having someone whom they have come to know and trust always available if they have a question or concern. The staff likes knowing Joy understands the demands of their job and is always ready to lend a hand on busy days. What Joy likes best about working here is being a part of the constant growth and advancements Dr. Phillips strives for to ensure that his hospital always provides the best possible care.